Integrating Aave Protocol To Fuse Network

Dear Aave Community,

I am Tomas Chaia, Product owner for Voltage Finance at Fuse Network, writing this proposal on behalf of Voltage DAO. I am excited to present a proposal for the extension of the Aave protocol to the Fuse blockchain.

Fuse Network is a rapidly growing, fast, and low-cost fully EVM-compatible blockchain-based platform with a focus on making crypto payments and DeFi accessible to the masses. Our platform combines blockchain technology and smart contracts with mobile-centric tools, aiming to remove frictions for end-users.

We have established connections with multiple major blockchain platforms, including Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche, through interoperability solutions such as the Voltage bridge, Multichain (formerly Anyswap) ChainPort, Connext, and more. Noteworthy DeFi protocols, including Sushi and Beefy Finance, have already launched or are preparing to launch on Fuse.

The Fuse ecosystem, including its DeFi offerings, has been experiencing rapid growth. As part of the Fuse team, we admire the innovative DeFi solutions that Aave has been introducing since its inception, particularly the real-world asset markets. We would be thrilled to witness the launch of Aave on Fuse.

I would like to highlight specific points that strengthen the case for integrating Aave with Fuse Network:

  1. Grant and incentives from the Ignite program (Fuse Ignite ): Fuse Foundation has launched the Ignite program, which offers substantial incentives and grants to projects integrating with Fuse Network. Aave stands to benefit greatly from this program, with the potential to receive a grant and additional incentives, the ignite campaign total $10 million USD. This support from the Ignite program is a significant advantage for Aave and reinforces the mutual benefit of integrating with Fuse.
  2. Fuse Network as a fast-growing EVM blockchain with necessary infrastructure: Fuse Network has experienced significant growth and possesses all the required infrastructure for Aave to launch successfully. By expanding to Fuse, Aave will gain access to a promising blockchain platform with immense potential.
  3. Aave lending is in high demand on Fuse: There is a strong demand for Aave’s lending capabilities on Fuse Network. By integrating Aave, Fuse will be able to offer its users access to the innovative lending solutions that Aave provides, fostering further growth and adoption within the Fuse ecosystem.

In conclusion, the Voltage DAO, represented by the undersigned, strongly advocates for the integration of the Aave protocol with Fuse Network. This partnership will open new doors for both Aave and Fuse, providing access to a rapidly growing ecosystem, mobile-centric tools, and the potential to receive substantial grants and incentives through the Ignite program.

We look forward to the Aave community’s consideration and support for this proposal.

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Hi, please refer to this post for integrating/deploying Aave on another network/blockchain.
[ARC] Aave V3 network integrations process - Governance - Aave


Great, thank you @EzR3aL !

You think i should re-write the proposal using that structure?

Yes, i would recommend it.
We kind of have some standards for different topics like,

  • new network integrations
  • new assets
  • parameter changes

and many more.
Check out previous posts like the one for Binance chain integration if you want some example and check out the comments.


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Thank you for your fast response!