Introducing: GHO

Sam here from Frax :) We would love to support GHO with our FRAXBP pools on Curve to incentivize deep liquidity for GHO on launch and have GHO-FRAXBP be the trading hub for GHO. If you’re not familiar with FRAXBP: Deploy a "FRAXBP" Pool & whitelist Frax for veCRV Staking - Proposals - Governance

The idea is basically to pair stablecoins with a FRAX-USDC base pool and FRAX will incentivize the metapool proportional to its size/demand so it does not even need matching contributions by the project. It simply needs organic demand+size :slight_smile:

Additionally, we’d love to help out any way we can and participating by being a “facilitator” when more information is released on the structure. This is one of the most exciting Aave proposals in a long time, congratulations! Looking forward to seeing GHO in the wild. :sunglasses: