Is it possible to add stkAbpt to voting & governance contract?

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Normaly only AAVE and/or stkAAVE token holders receive governance powers proportionally to the sum of their balance but not stkABPT
I do not know if it is a will of departure, if it is possible or not but protecting the safety module and locking Aave token I would like that it is possible to have right of vote via the sktABPT

It’s possible to vote on snapshot yes but not for AIP for the moment.

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  • Yes I would to add voting powers to stkAbpt
  • No i wouldn’t to add voting powers to StkAbpt

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I create a snapshot for this proposition

@mr_aave from a technical perspective, yes it is possible, but it needs some work to adapt the governance’s strategy smart contract to introduce it.
But I agree it is something that needs to be done.

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