Karpatkey Delegate Platform

Voting Actions: August 14 – 18th

Proposal: [ARFC] wGHO Aave V3 Onboarding
Vote: Abstain
Reasoning: Although we acknowledge the potential of allowing wGHO as collateral to enable arbitrage and leveraged positions in under-pegged GHO scenarios, it may also open the door for unintended consequences.

As @Gauntlet clearly demonstrated, including wGHO could heighten the risk of liquidity-based attacks and amplify recursive borrowing dangers—without significantly enhancing GHO peg stability—particularly in the presence of the soon-to-be-launched GSM.

Proposal: [ARFC] sDAI Aave V3 Onboarding
Vote: Yae
Reasoning: This proposal opens an avenue for strategic initiatives with the MakerDAO community by increasing sDAI’s utility. Listing sDAI as collateral in the Aave V3 Ethereum pool allows users to earn DSR interest while using their assets as collateral for composable strategies.

For GHO, this means having a productive stablecoin with a higher yield than the GHO borrowing rate, which might put pressure on the GHO peg due to short positions capturing the spread. However, it should improve in the future with the decrease of Maker’s EDSR rate, the launch of the GSM, and better secondary market liquidity…

Proposal: stataToken operational update
Vote: Yae
Reasoning: We agree with this transfer of ownership to the Balancer governance as they are the primary user of the stataTokens.

Proposal: Aave v3 Base Activation
Vote: Yae
Reasoning: We support the deployment of Aave v3 to Base. As a product of Coinbase, there is potential for significant exposure for Aave on this chain. Additionally, we agree that the conservative supply and borrow caps are appropriate now.

Proposal: Supply Cap Update - stMATIC Polygon v3
Vote: Yae
Reasoning: We support this proposal to raise the supply cap. stMATIC is an LST that can be redeemed for the underlying asset in a 3-day window. The risk of increasing the Supply Cap is low, and this aligns with the community preference as previously discussed and voted on.

Proposal: [ARFC] Increase MaticX supply cap
Vote: Yae
Reasoning: We support this proposal to raise the supply cap of MaticX. Our rationale for support parallels the concurrently active stMATIC proposal.

Proposal: Swap assets to aUSDC
Vote: Yae
Reasoning: We agree with swapping these long-tail assets into aUSDC. This further executes the plan established with AIP 282 and helps to sustain a DAO runway in stables.