Launch Aave V3 on Metis

Thank you for the response. Some points for clarification, as the purpose of the risk analysis is to outline criticisms in the overall architecture and to provide clarity into how the system functions as a whole. The current state of the system is similar in the state of how both Optimism and Boba are currently implemented. Working fraud proofs and the decentralization of the Sequencer role are both technical challenges that are the main barriers to the system functioning in a decentralized way. We are aligned with the bedrock release of Optimism, which would introduce fraud proofs into Metis as well; the decentralization of the Sequencer will follow shortly after. As our technological innovation is to reduce gas costs below what Optimism and Boba currently costs, we still maintain similar security mechanisms as both those solutions, with a 1 of N trust model.

Pavel, can you post a list of all things that Metis has to complete in order to meet all AAVE requirements?

Currently, the understanding of the Metis community is that there are major problems that the Metis team has to solve. If this is not the case, please clarify it here.

You don’t want your core followers and early adopters to feel concerned about all that. Instead, we should know that you are in control of everything. Currently, it doesn’t look this way.

Let’s clarify this and keep on!
Thank you.

We have fulfilled all of the requirements listed for an AAVE proposal. The requirements for the AAVE proposal are listed by Marc Zeller in the previous post in this thread. We can launch the proposal at any time, but we would like to take the time to answer any questions.

Optimism, Boba, and Metis use the same core codebase, we have originated as a hardfork from Optimism. All 3 implementations do not have a working fraud proof mechanism currently. This means that you need to rely on the Sequencer to post the correct transaction data and if false data is posted, then network funds can potentially be at risk. Because of this, all 3 implementations currently have a trusted centralized Sequencer to post the requests.

One of Metis’ main focus has been the decentralization of the network, we have mentioned this within 2 of our roadmaps:

In order for Sequencer Rotation and fulfillment of data requests, working fraud proofs must be implemented, hence the current whitelisting for both. Working fraud proofs will be implemented in Q4 (our 2nd-half roadmap).

As a recap, we have described the security mechanisms of our architecture and the overall process flow, no criticisms for the overall architecture was mentioned. The implementation of the process flow relies on the fraud proofing mechanism, this mechanism does not currently exist for any Optimism-based projects (Optimism, Boba, Metis). After fraud proofing is implemented, the Sequencer rotation and the fulfillment of on-chain data requests will be implemented with it. We are as secure as both Optimism and Boba in the current stage, which have both passed the AAVE proposal for deployment.


Thank you Pavel!

This is a great response!

How long are you still going to leave it open for question before you submit the proposal?

Thank you for asking and appreciate the questions. We want to give it some more time and we will likely make an announcement within the coming weeks.