Lend to contract address

I mistakenly sent my 954.6 lends to contract address please help me take back my tokens 0x33b871534e7be770600ff30b3dbe9a9b9978cfc09773ce52b4165cecc3828b7e

Hey @Mohammadraisi1366,

First off sorry this happened, finding out you sent tokens to the wrong address can definitely lead to some nightmares. Rescuing funds sent to a contract address isn’t an easy task (and sometimes an impossible one), however there are other’s in the same boat as you, and they’ve started a thread on the discussion of rescuing the LEND/AAVE sent to the contract address which definitely seems possible with governance.

You can read the thread here: Save the Lend tokens that are stucked in the Lend contract

As a topic on this matter already exists I’m going to lock this post, however I’d recommend voicing your support in that thread, as well as providing any other information you’d like to add to it as you may have added here.