Listing Proposal: Add xSUSHI

We support this proposal as well. xSUSHI is an asset that’s well suited to be added to Aave.


It is great Proposal! :grinning:
Let’s unlock more than 128m$ in liquidity.

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How many Aaves or stkAaves do you need for the listing proposal?
Where can I check the current proposal power delegation status?

This seems like a no brainer and I fully support. TVL for AAVE would increase overnight


yeah i’m all for it… sushi is going to big in 2021


I support adding xsushi as collateral for aave …



SushiSwap is a DEX forked of Uniswap that grew very fast, now at $1.6B of TVL, thanks to generous liquidity mining incentives. It is now part of the Yearn conglomerate with many new upcoming features.

xSUSHI is the staked SUSHI that receives .5% of the fees with 10 to 40% APY a great property for a collateral. The redeeming process from xSUSHI to SUSHI is permissionless allowing the analysis to focus on SUSHI.

SUSHI Smart contract Risk: B-

SUSHI was launched late August by a fork of the Uniswap Exchange. Shortly after launch, the key developer stole the development funds, eventually returning them. The network managed secure support from some industry leaders and has grown fast in these few month reaching two dozen users and over a billion transactions.

SUSHI Counterparty Risk: B

Sushi is a permissionless blockchain protocol where token holders vote on incentives and upgrades. Anyone can create new Sushi markets.

SUSHI Market Risk: C +

SUSHI has a good market capitalisation with a high volume. The price has suffered from extreme volatility since inception, suffering from large drops in value which is problematic for a collateral, requiring prudent parameters. This was driven by internal drama which also deeply affected community trust, now on the mend.

Risk Parameters ~ New (also proposed for SNX)

LTV 25%

Liquidation Threshold 45%

Liquidation Bonus 15%

Reserve Factor 35%

Variable Interest Rate Model ~ Collaterals

UOptimal 45%

R_0 0%

R_s1 7%

R_s2 300%


Great analysis @Alex_BertoG - it looks reasonable to me.

We’d be supportive of a listing proposal for xSUSHI.

  • Franklin @ Pantera Capital

Count me in - time to get this ball rolling guys :rocket:

Regarding the power of the deva behind sushi and the whole eco system with Andre I think adding xsushi would be great for both, Aave and Sushiswap. Making the whole Defi eco system stronger and even better. You have my favor.

This proposal was filed on the same day as the BAL proposal was filed. Not just has this proposal quite positive feedback, but it also just makes a lot more sense when comparing the development of Balancer versus Sushiswap within the past 6 months.

While BAL has been integrated as collateral by now, I can neither find a proposal for voting for xSushi in the Governance section nor can I find any statements (checked here and Discord) directly from the team so far.

Anybody? Any info? Did I miss something?

The way my Simpleton mind sees it: The more collateral I can provide => the more debt with safe health factor = more revenue and higher TVL for AAVE

Win-win, no?

Thanks for reading!


Can anyone give an update on this? How come it isn’t up for being voted on yet?


@stani @0xMaki Can you confirm whether an AIP is being developed for this? It would be a great addition for both communities.


What are the next steps on adding xSushi? Currently the only place listed is on C.R.E.A.M. but I have most of my assets on Aave and would prefer to keep it that way.

xSUSHI AIP proposal is in final stage of review, we can expect a AIP deployment by sushi team on this topic in the nearest term.


Great to see the proposal go live.

Pantera Capital is voting YAE on this proposal - more of our thoughts summarized here:

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I support adding xSUHIS to Aave.

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Now that the vote was successful, how long is the process for implementation? I thought it was executed via smart contract at the vote, but I guess that was an incorrect assumption

Proposal passed, with every AIP there’s a payload that is now currently under 24h timelock, expect xSushi as collateral this evening.


Interesting, is the payload linked to in the AIP?