Listing Proposal LINKPOOL Token (LPL/LPLA)

There is no doubt that the LINK Marines are the biggest supporters of Aave with more than 30 millions LINK locked up, both in v1 and v2.

Recently, Linkpool as a leading Chainlink Node provider just changed their token model to ERC-20, for a reason that Linkpool could easily integrated into other DeFi platform.

More on the ERC-20 conversion:

  • symbol: LPL
  • total supply: 100,000,000
  • Contract Address: [0x99295f1141d58A99e939F7bE6BBe734916a875B8]

LPL has the most liquidity in Bancor with $4,000,000

Benefits of Aave
Linkpool with the backing of the LINK marines and has a very active suporters since day 1 will definitely bringing in more users and participants to Aave.

There is currently 84,210,521 LPL staked and can’t wait to leverage our internet money at Aave as our playground

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Hello fellow marine,

Please follow the ARC standard you’ll find here and edit your thread accordingly.

Also please specify in your title the liquidity venue you want this asset to be onboarded, most likely the AMM market!



Thanks, Marc. My apology.

The token is fairly new and too volatile due to lack of volume. This could be really dangerous for the lenders. I was just a little bit too excited.

When the time comes, We will reformat the proposal.


There isnt enough liquidity for a reasonable risk level.

Even if it had enough liquidity, LPL is a stake-able token that doesnt earn yield when not staked which makes it unlikely for liquidity to increase when yield is earned single-sided and not as an LP.

Cool project, probably not a fit.