Migration Deadline

Hey guys,

I would love to migrate my LEND into AAVE but I can’t for now because I use my LEND tokens as collateral. If AAVE would be enabled as collateral I could do the switch. Is there a deadline for the token migration? I dont want to lose my LEND because of this.

Im sure im not the only person with this situation right now

@piterpetito Don’t worry you won’t be liquidated. Lend to Aave should be part of v2 which is rumoured to be before end of year. Any migration deadline will have to take in to account Lend being used as collateral


As @DrAdz786 mentioned, with V2 if AAVE is collateral you’ll be able to swap your collateral from LEND to AAVE without withdrawing or affecting the health factor.

There’s a thread for supporting AAVE as collateral here: Proposal to add AAVE as collateral only


a deadline is very much needed, though the LEND being use as collateral factor should be taken into account but since it’s locked in AAVE anyway automatically converting that should be possible. Token migration phases like this tend to confuse potential new buyers, delay new exchange listings while people who want to sell will do so anyway so not a good phase to be in. Sooner rather than later.


I am unable to migrate my LEND to AAVE as it is deposited and on an unhealthy safety ratio right now. I think if we find a way to migrate aLEND to aAAVE directly without affecting safety ratios etc on DefiSaver you will see the vast majority of unmigrated LEND move over…

A good “entre deux” could be to integrate a floating deadline.

1st January 21 - 101 $LEND = 1 $AAVE
2st January 21 - 102 $LEND = 1 $AAVE
3st January 21 - 103 $LEND = 1 $AAVE


I have only recently discovered the migration thing and want to know if I am stuck with my Lend tokens.