[POLL] Should UNI Be Listed as an Aasset?

(Yup, I just said Aasset.)

Hey folks! Just wondering if we could gauge community interest on whether or not UNI should be listed on Aave, and when.

Should UNI Be Listed on Aave?

  • Yes, UNI should be listed now.
  • Yes, but after a period of price discovery.
  • No, doing so would discourage active participation in UNI governance.
  • No, it wouldn’t be a good fit.

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Interested in gauging your interest folks! (Also, pools are cool!)



There’s something to be said for the potential use cases for aUNI as well, though. Forgot to mention that but don’t want to edit a live poll!


Really well made poll, especially as the fact that there is multiple different options for different reasons. This also helps when considering listing new assets, the Aave Risk framework: https://docs.aave.com/risk/ this is also something that community members can contribute to.


Thanks for your input Stani!

Good point on the risk framework. There’s lots to take into consideration when it comes to adding new assets, especially in DeFi. I’d love to get great minds at work on risk evaluation, makes me think about the future when DeFi insurance becomes huge.

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