[PROPOSAL] Aave<>Radish / Snapshot and on-chain proposals, participation, delegation and vote history

Hello :wave:,
Denny from radish.la here.

We made this mock as reference and are whiling to work when validated and accepted from the community. Figma mock here

About Us *

We already applied to grants using the form at https://aavegrants.org.

Radish is a Software Development Company that helps Web2 companies from LATAM and DAOs build, validate and launch solutions for their on-chain systems.

We are a group of engineers that dived into The Space last year and since then we’ve been amazed with everything people can create within the Web3 Space.

In Radish everyone is a long-term never ending student even though our team is formed by ex-Scotiabankers, Telefónica, Ualá and daoism.systems Engineers.

I myself, Denny Portillo(denny@radish.la) as Project Manager for this software will thrive to provide a correct, user-friendly software for the AAVE Ecosystem.

Project Description *

To enhance AAVE Governance for Voters, Proposers and anyone with interest in the Governance Ecosystem we are creating a platform within https://app.aave.com/ that unifies snapshot.org and AAVE on-chain proposal for voting, proposal creation and Governance power delegation.

We are taking snapshot.org UI as reference for voting strategies and user adoption. The software will provide the user visualization charts for Voting power, delegation and participation history.

Take a look to our Figma mock

Project Goals *

Currently Aavenomics are fueled by governance forums at https://governance.aave.com/ and ratified through on-chain AIPs in snapshot.org Frontend.

We, as Radish want to provide AAVE holders a better way to interact with the protocol governance system by giving them an user friendly, responsive and functional UI to create, vote, execute and validate proposals.

Token holders can delegate voting power easily from snapshot.org within the platform. We are also adding the ability for Guardians to cancel a proposal if needed.

Last but not least, the platform will include visualization charts for ones voting power as shown in tally.xyz

Milestones *

We will be sharing bi-weekly updates to Stakeholders. We are open to having weekly revisions to iterate over any changes within the project scope required by the Stakeholders.

Cycle 1 - Proposals and Voting Power Delegation

  • UI screen with Testnet data where token holders can play around with the platform
  • Vercel deployment to share with Stakeholders
  • Holders will be allowed to create Proposals, Vote and share it’s voting power from Snapshot.org

Cycle 2 - Proposal, Participation and Voting History

  • Holders can view a list of voting and participation history
  • Holders can view a history of its proposals along with it’s status
  • Holders can view the status of proposals if rejected or executed or canceled from Guardians/Genesis team

Cycle 3 - Testnet Deployment

In this period the platform can be shared with the AAVE ecosystem of users so they can play and give output around the platform by using a Goerli and Polygon deployment.

  • Goerli URL to use the platform
  • Polygon URL to use the platform

Cycle 3 - Termination and Live Deployment

  • After user acceptance we can make an official launch for the platform

Technical Scope and Timeline

Our priority is to give the best Frontend experience, responsive and consistent by taking into consideration all the trickery required to tailor a distributed system.

Our stack will be the regular NextJs, TailwindCSS, Typescript codebase. We’ll share everything and open source it ( if required ). For data we’ll consume AAVEs Subgraph and AAVE Governance smart contracts along with the Snapshot Delegation contract.

Radish main objective is to finish in 3 months. We’ll keep building for the AAVE Ecosystem.

We are the Radish Team.

Funding Request and Budget Breakdown *

We are putting our best engineers to provide the best experience to AAVE token holders and develop the Governance platform within 3 months.

The budget breakdown is the following,

Governance Participation and Research

We are asking for 90 $AAVE upon approval to use within the AAVE Governance and put ourselves “in the skin”.

Resources (10.5 FTE)

  • Product Engineers
    • Senior Frontend Developer (5K USDC/month)
    • Frontend Developer (3K USDC/month)
    • Support UI/UX Engineer (2K USDC/month)
    • Support Solidity Engineer
  • Project Manager
    • Denny Portillo (3K USDC/month)

Management and Support fees

90 in $AAVE for support and management fees for us - Radish.

Reward Summary

  • An upfront payment of 90 $AAVE
  • Cycle 1: 13K USDC
  • Cycle 2: 13K USDC
  • Cycle 3: 13K USDC + 90 $AAVE

Total rewards requested

  • USDC: 39K
  • AAVE: 180

ETH Wallet Address *


:grinning: Hope to get some feedback.