Proposal: add support for AMPL

thx Brandon, definitely vote up this


Great suggestion. Couldn’t agree more. Time for action!

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AAVE V2 is going to be a great product. Reading through these posts makes it seem like AMPL on AAVE will likely be a AAVE V2 project

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There is no doubt that aave and ampl are the biggest innovations of the year, and we’d love to see them combined. Please vote quickly and the market will tell you


Thanks everyone for the support so far, and congrats Aave on the success of the governance systems rollout. We’re happy to be a part of it and give support to the New Asset Listing process :slight_smile:

Here’s a quick update:

  1. Pending Formal AIP

  2. We’ve been working on a custom aToken implementation for Ample. It has gone through initial peer feedback, but still requires some final testing and audits. There’s a short colab simulation notebook describing behavior.

  3. Chainlink price feed already available here: Decentralized Price Reference Data | Chainlink

Provided that the audits and risk analysis complete without issue, we’ll begin asking the community for delegation power to help us reach the onchain proposal submission threshold.

10 Likes . it’s missing a “d” in your link.

one important thing is that when ampl go into deflation,how to make sure the users who stake ample in Aave won’t be liquidated. what’s ampl’s solution?

When an asset is used as collateral, it’s not the the number of tokens that matters so much as the overall value. AMPL’s risk parameters should be set according to the same framework as any other asset.

For example, it would be natural for AMPL to first launch with a low (or 0) LTV, and this could be adjusted slowly over time.


Made a video on how Ampl lending on AAVE and why Ampl is such a massive monetary innovation. @stani @Emilio would greatly appreciate Ampl added for those reasons. Thanks Aave Fam


I would love to borrow in AMPL instead of a US pegged stable coin


Hello @cloudedlogic , i think the Ampleforth team has made great progress in the asset listing proposal (which posed some technical challenges given the rebasing behavior) and i believe it will be put up to vote soon!

i think @brandon can provide more details on the steps forward


Incredible! Thanks for response @Emilio, looking forward to it

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Good news, the aAMPL implementation is ready to go here: aave/protocol-v2/pull/66

This includes tests, the audit report from Peckshield, and modifications for deployment scripts.

We’re targeting next Tuesday for the onchain proposal. We’ll soon begin asking the collective Ample and Aave communities for delegation power to help make that happen, so stay tuned!


:clap: great news. Can’t wait to get lending/borrowing Ampl

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Aave and Ampl fams–
If you’re an AAVE holder and you’d like to support this proposal, please delegate Proposition power to this address: 0x32a9d6A550C3D89284D5700F7d7758dBc6f0fB2C

You can do that using the delegation tool here:

If you’d like, you may also delegate voting power and we’ll vote with that from the same key when the proposal goes live. However, keep in mind that delegation powers are separate and we need to first reach the proposal threshold of .5% before we can move forward.

Thank you!


Completely agree with you. Would be wonderful to see AMPL being used as collateral on AAVE. It’s elastic properties would surely make things interesting.


There is great potential in having AMPL as a lending/borrowing tool on AAVE. AMPL’s ability to look and act like cash, while still retaining decentralized characteristics without the need for collateralization makes it uniquely different than most other cryptocurrencies currently in circulation. Combine that with growing market share and penetration narrows AMPL’s competitive position to a lead role. Great things can happen when innovation meets innovation, allowing for a synergy that has never before been realized. Aside from all the financial benefits this will bring, adding AMPL to AAVE will also bring a new dynamic to the lending/borrowing markets, making the entire space a more balanced and thriving space.


AMPL and AAVE Is combination made in heaven. Let’s go!!


Excellent suggestion, I think there is great potential in AMPL being used as collateral on AAVE.