Proposal: Dynamic Risk Parameters

Thank you to everyone for the responses, feedback, and votes (YAE + NAY). There have been numerous learnings from our first AIP that we will improve upon. Right now we are internally kicking off our execution plan to deliver on the objectives above.

@inkyamze Congrats - as Head of Growth of Gauntlet you have made the revenues grow.
For me it is raising a lot of questions about DAO.
No Transparency about who has multiple interests - who voted to give Gauntlet so much money per quarter. There is absolut no, I mean zero economy benefit which can be calculated against your astronomic fees. How can I exclude that the YAE voters are not part of the business modell from Gauntlet, which benefit from these fees?


Is it fair to call this a 51% attack or is it just a bunch of bad actors forcing a vote through?

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Definitely not a 51% attack or anything of the kind @2Can .
~3.7% of the total voting power voted Yes and ~2.4% No, so in “technical” terms, just a normal vote.