Proposal: Restart Referral Program

Back in v1 pre-DAO days, there was a fee-share referral program:

Maybe it’s time to bring it back to life again?


Aave as the ghost layer of DeFi should reward the partners that bring volume to the protocol.

I am totally in favor to re-launch the referral program.
@sneg55 maybe you could write the AIP for this ?

Here are the steps to follow.

I don’t think I’m technical enough for this.

I believe the DAO has made a great move settling the AAVE Grants DAO. Great job @aleks-larsen @HelloShreyas

To my point of view, the grants program incentive people to start building on top of Aave. What about those that have already done so ?

I think they should also be rewarded.
Similarly to what was implemented in the v1, the v2 needs to give back to Aave builders.

Yearn Partner Program is a great exemple on which we can iterate

  • Re-start referral program
  • No

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What is the latest on this topic? Has there been any decision taken yet? What are the biggest blockers or concerns to restart the referral program?