Re: Auto migration from AAVE 2 to AAVE 3

In case I missed anything, is there an official date for auto migration from AAVE 2 to AAVE 3?

My understanding is in case of auto migration, AAVE 2 users don’t need to resolve any of their lending and borrowing on AAVE 2, all the smart contracts will be transferred to AAVE 3 seamlessly. And users don’t need to do anything

I think there is a real potential risk of error in coding and user losing funds. In this case it will cause AAVE users to panic if they can’t reach out to anyone to help them

there won’t be any auto migration. Every user has to decide for himself if he wants to switch. There is a tool provided by @bgdlabs which helps you transferring your funds from v2 to v3. You should see a button in your dashboard for it. And it makes sense to move to v3, more features, security and much more.

Thank you for the information

Just to be clear, users don’t need to payback or un-lend funds before using the tool to transfer from AAVE 2 to AAVE 3. Is that correct?

Yes and no. On v3 dependent on the networks not all assets are listed compared to v2 so you obviously can only migrate what’s available on both.

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For the types of assets that are listed both on AAVE 2 and AAVE 3, the user can use the tool to transfer without having to resolve all the lending and borrowing on AAVE 2 before moving onto AAVE 3. Did I get your point correctly?

If you want to start the tool it will give you all information needed. Just look for the button and read the instructions.

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Closing this topic as the question has been answered. @RedDragon if u wish to have more support, feel free to join the Aave Discord.