Real stable coin (gold)

Hey wanted to know if we have plans to get a gold back coin on aave, not trying to shill for anyone specific but only good option I see is paxg. So can we get this started? ASAP?


Welcome to the governance forums @SandMan529! Good to see another user interested in seeing tokenised gold come to AAVE.

We are having an initial discussion about commodity-backed tokens in this thread:

To summarise the discussion to far, there is an interest in tokenised commodities being a part of AAVE, but whether this is in the form of assets such as sXAU or sXAG in a Synthetix money market, or as a commodities-specific money market where we could consider PAXG, XAUT, etc.

Would love to hear your thoughts :+1:


Hi @SandMan529 and @toad,

Please consider our proposal for adding CACHE Gold (CGT): Proposal: Add support for CACHE Gold (CGT)