StableNode Delegate Platform

StableNode Delegate Platform

Governance Forum Username: Kene_StableNode

Discord Username: keneeze.eth#6984

Voting Address: Stablelab.eth

Voting Record:

Our vision for Aave: Our goal is to help Aave optimize its governance processes as it grows rapidly in the coming years.

Aave V3 is a strong signal of Aave’s intention to give users the freedom to interact with their assets on any L1/L2 network, in a safe and liquid market. Running a Multi-Chain Open Source Liquidity Protocol requires a keen attention to Governance Participation, Design and Iteration. This is where StableNode provides significant value, as Professional Delegates, we would work to ensure that Aave’s Governance scales to meet the Protocol’s scaled operations across multiple networks.

With the rapid growth that Aave is experiencing, StableNode would support Aave’s journey to decentralize in a sustainable and efficient manner. We are eager to synergise Aave’s growth strategies with effective decentralization mechanisms and effective governance practices, to ensure the continued decentralization of the Aave Protocol.

About StableNode:

StableNode is a research-driven firm dedicated to advancing the understanding and development of the DAO governance landscape. StableNode is a prominent Governance Research firm, which constantly improves DAO Governance standards through research and direct experience in creating governance frameworks. Our team is committed to providing investors and institutions with key insights through a suite of services including DAO analysis, governance research, tailored consulting, and delegation. We have a dedicated governance team working on the delegations while we also operate governance research projects and product developments.

Delegate Pitch: StableNode is a “professional delegate” working on decentralized governance across various leading DeFi protocols. To ensure that StableNode is represented in a uniform and value-driven manner, we have a set of governance delegate policies that team members follow when performing delegate roles on behalf of us.

Our goal is to participate in a professional, unbiased, transparent and reliable manner while promoting the journey to full decentralization. Our expertise is a combination of the outcome of our research and years of experience working with and for DAO’s.

Using research and hands-on experience, we aim to advance standards in decentralized governance. Our team has been in the space for many years, both in research and as core contributors to protocols such as MakerDAO.

We are focused on supporting protocols to reach a safe and sustainable level of decentralization. There is no one-size-fits-all approach but a framework of principles and tools that we have built with our experience.

Our Web3 Interests: DAOs, DeFi, Governance, Data and Analytics, Social Impact, Investments / Venture, Infrastructure

With our experience, we have developed a systematic and robust approach to governance and growth. Creating principles that optimize the objective outcome of the decision-making process is key to successful governance.

Voting Records

Optimism & Balancer:

View activity here: Boardroom Management Portal Optimism, Balancer, Jet, Solace, MakerDAO

View activity here: d8b753a75c4e1


**Profile - Doo_StableNode - The Maker Forum**

Our skills and expertise: Governance and Growth

Languages we speak/write: en, ko, da, de, es, zh

What voters can expect from StableNode:

  • Active: We participate in every aspect of the governance process, ranging from presenting proposals, providing feedback in the forums, and active voting.
  • Research: Each of our votes are backed by thorough research, experiments, and insight from various sources.
  • Trust: Unbiased and Transparent. We act according to our public code of conduct, driven by a strong set of ethics and values.

What to expect from StableNode as a professional delegate?

  • Professional, transparent, reliable, and unbiased participation.
  • Use of data, research, and years of experience.
  • A collaboration of a dedicated governance team working together with the protocol.
  • An approach that is driven by a strong set of ethics and values.
  • Implementation of best practices and lean DAO frameworks.
  • Adherence to a set of internal policies and a Code of Conduct that ensures all of the above.

Conflicts of Interest:

StableNode acts as a delegate on other protocols. All of our governance participation is public.

Delegate address: Stablelab.eth


Add TRYB to Aave V3 on Avalanche Network, Isolation Mode

We would have voted NO for this proposal, there is not enough TRYB liquidity to justify being listed on Aave in Isolation mode, this would result in little to no upside for Aave or any spectators who decide to borrow the asset.

[ARC] Aave v3 Polygon wMATIC Interest Rate Update

We would have voted Yes for this proposal, this is primarily a maintenance proposal by Llama, the cost of borrowing wMATIC has exceeded the yield that be generated from staking the MATIC tokens, so this proposal is intended to incentivize users to continue utilizing MATIC.
The crypto economy is fueled by incentives, so we are proud to support a proposal that works towards incentivizing users.

Pending Vote: Risk Parameter Updates for Aave V3 Avalanche: 2022-10-15

We would have voted YES for this proposal, these parameter updates are the first set of Risk Parameter updates for Aave V3 Avalanche, and according to the forum post by Gauntlet

The Gauntlet simulation engine has identified an opportunity to increase capital efficiency on Aave V3 AVAX without adding significant market risk, these parameter updates will affect the liquidation thresholds of Aave, DAI, USDC, USDT and WBTC.e
We support this proposal considering the fact that these updates ensures that the liquidation threshold assets on the Avalanche market remain within the Aave community’s moderate risk appetite.


Add Login With Unstoppable as an option to the wallet connect dialog of the Aave app

We voted “Yes” for this proposal, adding another login option to the existing one on the Aave dApp. The Unstoppable Domains agreed to provide marketing support aiming to grow Aave usage: slots in UD’s newsletter (300k audience), Posts on Socials (300k on Twitter, 125k on Tiktok), as well as Aave mentions on relevant comms material at future events.


Deploy Aave V3 to zkSync 2.0 Testnet

We voted Yes to this proposal based on the grounds that it helps Aave achieve its Multi-Chain mission, currently we can identify no significant risks to Aave and no issues have been raised by the security companies contracted by Aave.

Security and Agility of Aave Smart Contracts via Continuous Formal Verification

We voted Yes to this proposal, this is a proposal to improve Aave’s security using formal verification and manual code review, we voted yes because we are committed to security efforts made in Aave’s best interest.

Staked ATokens, A New Aave Primitive Exploring Vote-Escrow Economies

Vote: Yes

As delegates in both Aave and Balancer we are glad to see this partnership bear fruit and progress to the innovative stage that would bear results in the form of revenue and net positive development for the ecosystem at large, for this reason, we voted Yes.

Certora Continuous Formal Verification

Vote: Yes

We voted yes for this proposal because we believe that Certora has done a great job with Aave’s security, particularly with involving the community in Aave’s development.

Strategic Partnership with Balancer DAO Part 2 - 100k BAL Acquisition

Vote: Yes

As delegates in Aave and Balancer, we are glad to see this partnership progress with the further acquisition of BAL tokens, we believe that this partnership will crypto met positive value for the ecosystem at large.

Add OP to Aave V3 on Optimism

Vote: Yes

We believed in the key role that the Optimism native token would play in the Aave V3 optimism market.

Risk Parameter Updates for Aave V2 ETH Market (2022-11-12), Risk Parameter Updates for Aave V2 ETH Market (2022-11-13) and Risk Parameter Updates for Aave V2 ETH (2022-11-13)

Vote: Yes

We voted Yes to these three proposals because we understand the need for constant iteration of parameters to ensure optimum risk management.

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[ARC] Gauntlet <> Aave Renewal

Vote: Yes

Rationale: We voted Yes to this proposal. The value that Gauntlet Provides has become a strong pillar to the Aave community and continuing this relationship would result in more value creation.

ARC: Enable USDT as collateral on Aave V3 (Avalanche)

Vote: Yes

Rationale: We are voted No for this proposal because there are a number of factors that makes USDT a risky collateral asset outside Isolation Mode, from severe liquidation risks from a depeg, to other risks such as proof of reserves and counterparty risk.

[ARC] LDO Emission_Admin for Polygon v3 Liquidity Pool

Vote: Abstain

Rationale: We voted Abstain to this proposal because of the lack of clarity on the methodology for how the rewards would be distributed.

[ARC] SD Emission_Admin for Polygon v3 Liquidity Pool

Vote: No

Rationale: We voted No to this proposal because the idea of Stader Labs distributing rewards themselves would not encourage a transparent process, the proposal fails to spell out the methodology for how the rewards will be distributed.

[ARC] Aave V3 Ethereum Deployment: Assets and Configurations Part 1

Vote: Yes

Rationale: We voted Yes to this proposal to select the initial assets that would be listed on Aave V3, these assets will be listed alongside parameters set by Gauntlet.

[ARC] ETH Interest Rate Curve Update

Vote: Yes

Rationale: We voted Yes to this proposal as a means of supporting the iterative culture being built here at Aave, by adjusting asset parameters, value can be created for users.

[ARC] stMATIC & MaticX Emission_Admin for Polygon v3 Liquidity Pool

Vote: Yes

Rationale: By enabling emissions on the stMATIC and MatixX pool, we would incentivize more deposits in the pool, which in turn contributes to value for Aave.

Strategy on sunset of Aave V1

Vote: Freeze V1 (No borrow/No supply)

Rationale: At StableNode we believe in lean governance, therefore in order to reduce the additional overhead on Aave, we voted to wind down V1.

Risk Parameter Updates for Aave V2 (2022-11-17)

Vote: Yes

Rationale: Supporting iterative risk management proposals are a key part of running Aave and we are glad to support this proposal that adjusts liquidation threshold and loan to value for REN.

[Temp Check] Add Support for cbETH for Aave V3

Vote: Yes

Rationale: Considering most of cbETH’s liquidity is on Coinbase, there is very little on-chain liquidity that would be justify listing this asset on Aave, however with V3 Isolation mode, the Aave protocol can be protected from liquidity attacks, gladly the authors incorporated community feedback to list on V3, for that reason we are glad to support this proposal.

[ARC] V3 Supply Cap Recommendations for Uncapped Assets (Fast-track)

Vote: Yes

Rationale: We are glad to support this risk management parameter for uncapped assets on the Avalanche, Optimism, and Arbitrium networks. Risk management is an important part Aave V3’s culture and we are committed to contributing to it through governance.

Risk Parameter Updates for Aave V3 AVAX 2022-11-23

Vote: Yes

Rationale: In order to ensure risk management, this proposal recommends freezing a number of assets on Aave V2 Polygon and increasing borrow caps on the Aave V3 AVAX market, we are glad support this proposal that prioritizes the protection of Aave users.

Pause LINK Borrowing

Vote: Yes

Rationale: Considering current market conditions in relation to LINK, temporarily pausing borrowing on LINK is an essential risk parameter implementation.

Pause UNI Borrowing

Vote: Yes

Rationale: Considering current market conditions in relation to UNI, temporarily pausing borrowing on UNI is currently an important risk parameter implementation.

Risk Parameter Updates for Aave V2 ETH Market (2022-11-22)

Vote: Yes

Rationale: We support this proposal to freeze the following assets on the Aave V2 ETH Market, this has been necessitated by current market conditions in relation to these assets.

Activation of a ParaSwap fee claimer contract

Vote: Yes

Rationale: We are glad to support Aave in claiming its rewards from Paraswap’s positive slippage, since Paraswap powers Aave’s Swap Collateral and Repay features, these rewards have been earned, it is also important to note that there is no negative side effect to this process.

Risk Parameter Updates for Aave V2 Polygon

Vote: Yes

Rationale: In order to ensure risk management, this proposal recommends freezing a number of assets on Aave V2 Polygon, which will incentivize users to move over to Aave V3 which is safer to use because of its additional features.

Risk Parameter Updates for Aave v2 Ethereum Liquidity Pool

Vote: Yes

Rationale: We support this risk parameter due to the fact that it is a timely response to recent market events. It is quite important to reduce the risk profile in a number of the assets listed below, through this proposal borrowing would be disabled but deposits will still be allowed.