[TEMP CHECK] Aave V3 Deployment on Celo

As a long-term Aave user, as well as a DeFi builder on top of Celo, I 100% support this temp check. The Celo ecosystem has been looking forward to an Aave deployment since 2021, and with the recent availability of Chainlink on Celo this should now be finally possible - if the Aave DAO approves.

Aave has a good chance of becoming a dominant player in the Celo ecosystem. Current lending markets are suboptimal. For example, there is currently no way to borrow USDC, or use ETH as collateral on Celo. Yet, there is high demand for this type of borrowing in the communities where Celo is gaining traction. Other developments on Celo also align very nicely with an Aave deployment (i.e. focus on providing microcredit and real-world loans in the Global South). It will enable a bunch of apps like HaloFi and others, to built on top of Aave v3 directly, instead of a fork of Aave v2.

The token allocation for the Aave DAO, is a nice added touch. Which would indeed be a good way to bootstrap liquidity.

Some things to clear out: which bridged assets (WETH and USDC) will be supported - those bridged via Portal (Wormhole)? Or those via Axelar (Squid)?