[Temp Check] Allez Labs risk provider proposal to Aave DAO

Thank you EzR3aL for the chance to clarify a few things.

In fact, Allez Labs stablecoin experience is similar to that of LlamaRisk, given Curve and Aave started working on their respective stablecoins at a similar time. The members of Allez Labs were deeply involved since the ideation of GHO, in particular we simulated aspects of the stablecoin ecosystem to propose GHO’s genesis parameters. In parallel, we designed the first versions of the GSM with novel mechanisms such as freeze, pricing and fee strategies, and developed stkGHO discount strategies to name a few. For the last year at Avara, Matt has been continuously involved in the monitoring of GHO. Further, through his work at Block Analitica Khaled has been involved in the various stability and growth strategies of DAI.

Our proposal explicitly supports GHO’s peg and growth through several mechanisms including the V3 Facilitator parameterization and asset support, risk analysis surrounding new GHO facilitators, and GSM parameterization.

GHO is indeed a strategic focus for Aave, and on the margin is the highest revenue generating asset across all Aave markets and we’ve made it central to our proposal. As mentioned above our team has extensive experience with GHO and we believe we can have the highest impact there in collaboration with other providers.

Currently the DAO is undergoing a snapshot TEMP CHECK for onboarding Llama Risk as a service provider to the DAO. This is to gauge community sentiment on whether the proposal is relevant to the DAO, rather than a binding proposal approval vote which only comes after the discussions of the ARFC phase. We believe having options allows the DAO to position itself better to negotiate the best offering based on detailed discussions.