[TEMP CHECK] Arthera Blockchain integration

[TEMP CHECK] Arthera Blockchain integration
Author: Fabs, Arthera’s promoter
Date: 2023-09-25


Arthera is a new EVM compatible L1 that will be enhanced by a DAG-based PoS model and will go mainnet end of year. We would like to onboard AAVE on testnet at first and on mainnet as soon as it is launched.


Arthera aims to highlight the importance of dApps and offers several advantages to projects integrating the Network:

  • Grant program
  • Direct access to Arthera core team
  • Co-marketing
  • Revenue sharing model: earn a share of the network revenue (see gasfee rebase model and subscription model- link to docs in specification section).


We will provide detailed technical information when/if we reach the ARFC stage.

Next steps:

If this TEMP CHECK reaches a positive outcome Arthera’s core team will submit a formal proposal (ARFC) containing the grant amount and details, more technical details about Arthera and its integration.
If the snapshot outcome is YAE, Arthera will announce officially AAVE’s onboarding and provide technical assistance if needed.
AAVE will be deployed on testnet and, later, on mainnet.


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Thank you so much, @Fabs, for taking the lead in this wonderful initiative
Your efforts are truly appreciated. :pray:
And a big thank you to @MarcZeller for providing us with these clear and concise guidelines
Your input is invaluable
We all recognize the immense value that protocols like AAVE bring to the DeFi ecosystem and the entire Web3
Their contributions are truly significant
We all reap the benefits of these protocols, whether it’s directly or indirectly, and it’s crucial to acknowledge and appreciate that
We would be absolutely thrilled and privileged to have AAVE join Arthera’s rapidly expanding ecosystem
It would be an honor
Let’s build together


Hey :wave:

I’m really excited about the prospect of Arthera integrating Aave on its ecosystem. This is a significant step for the entire DeFi ecosystem, and it opens up exciting new opportunities for users and developers.

Arthera stands out with its DAG-based PoS consensus model, promising exceptional performance and scalability. Additionally, their innovative approach to revenue sharing from gas fees will benefit all participants.

I wholeheartedly support this initiative and hope to see Aave deployed on Arthera testnet and later on mainnet.

Let’s make it happen! :hearts:


I’m really enthusiastic about the prospect of Arthera Testnet being integrated into the Aave ecosystem, and the mainnet in the future. This integration could bring tremendous advantages to the Aave ecosystem, marking a significant milestone for Arthera and Aave. Arthera’s innovative method of offering no gas fees has the potential to attract numerous dapps and users. I can’t wait for this to happen! Let’s do it!


Hello, telling community to create an account in our forum to write support message are not a welcomed behaviour.

The Aave governance process is fact-oriented, and not a “beauty contest”.

Please refrain from posting this kind of replies from now on or this topic will be closed.


Do you have a guideline link to check how can I be in accordance with the forum? Sorry for giving my opinion. I want the best for both communities, and in my opinion, this integration is a fact, not a beauty contest. I’m not a bot. You can find me on Twitter/X or anywhere. Have a great day.


This will add great value to both the chains . Arthera’s chain as a service and Aave’s merit in liquidity protocols will benefit many high transaction defi projects

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That’s a great idea and I’m a supporter for sure!

Arthera’s innovative approach and DAG-based PoS model is truly exciting. Onboarding AAVE would undoubtedly strengthen the ecosystem and open up new opportunities.

Kudos to Arthera for creating an inclusive and beneficial environment for projects to thrive! :rocket:

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Big thumbs up! :+1: I can’t wait to test AAVE on Arthera. Let’s turn vision into reality and boost DEFI space. :heart:

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