Updated Proposal: Chaos Labs - Risk & Simulation Platform

@G-Blockchain We share the excitement! The first call is planned for November 30th - you can register through the following link - https://www.crowdcast.io/c/chaos-labs-community-call


Why didn’t any of Chaos Labs simulations look into scenarios similar to what the Mango Hacker publicly suggested weeks ago, and executed yesterday?

What was missing from the risk model?

Hi Jommi - as you can see above, our engagement coverage is for the v3 instances of the protocol and not v2. While training our models during onboarding, we’ve been analyzing v2 markets and flagged potential issues around these attack structures, as noted earlier here. In addition, we created a simulation tool to measure the risk of price manipulation attacks and assist in tuning risk parameters to protect from them. It will be a key component in our ongoing risk analysis. You can read more information in our blog post.

It is important to note that the mechanism of the most recent attack is different from the suggested attack you are referring to, implying different solutions discussed in other forum threads, such as this.

In general, we believe the community should work to incentivize usage to shift to v3 as soon as it is practical post-launch on Ethereum to benefit from the enhanced risk controls.

We will continue to work with other risk providers and core protocol contributors to mitigate risks and propose sensible parameter recommendations for community review, given prevailing market conditions.