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May 2024 Report

Hello frens, hope that you’re good!

We are happy to share May 2024 Governance Report and ACI and governance activity, before entering into June and the end of Q2.

A month that had pretty interesting proposals to be discussed under governance ( that we will mention later in this thread) but in general, a busy month as usual.

Let’s take a closer look:

May 2024 Report

Summary May 2024

Overall we observe same level of governance activity, with a small increase in TEMP CHECK (+3), a slight decrease in TEMP CHECK Snapshots (-2) and ARFC (-8). We had also a slight increase in ARFC Snapshots (+3) that will soon translate in more AIP for June. As per AIP published, we see an important decrease ( -16) but again that is not a KPI per se rather than a visual representation that June will have more AIP, as they always balance due to governance process and deadlines from those 32 ARFC we had this month.

March, April & May 2024 activity

May 2024 vs April 2024

As always, you can get access to the full report by entering at May 2024 Report.

As a TLDR summary for those who don’t have the time to read all Forum & Governance, we selected the following proposals:

  1. Aave Protocol V4 Development Proposal
  2. Aave 2030
  3. Aave Visual Identity
  4. Activate and Deploy GHO Safety Module on Arbitrum
  5. GHO Cross-Chain Launch
  6. Orbit Program Renewal May 2024
  7. Expansion of “Frontier”
  8. ACI Phase III - “Ad Astra”
  9. Renewal of Aave Guardian - 2024

Lastly, please remember to claim your rewards under Merit program if you borrowed GHO, staked GHO or borrowed WETH. A few days ago took place Round 4 so check if you have some rewards!

You can do it through ACI Dashboard , where you have available information, and you can see your last round APR, current APR, and much more information!

We encourage you to use the site as well as https://dapps.aavechan.com/ as ACI has put a lot of work and love to make governance and delegation easier.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more updates!