Aave Governance V3 Activation - Next steps

Hello frens,

Aave Governance V3 Activation has passed, congratulations! It marks an important milestone for Aave DAO and it’s governance, and at ACI we are excited for what’s about to come.

As Governance V3 is about to be executed, we just entered an embargo stage. That stage will be live until 21th December 2023, but considering reset of delegation and end of year holidays we suggest a governance « soft lock » until 5th January 2024 to allow delegates to rebuild voting power.

We also want to remark that in case of emergency or special need to protect the Aave protocol, the soft lock can and will be broken.

We kindly invite service providers to refrain posting ARFC and TEMP CHECKS during the soft lock period. Regarding current ARFC and TEMP CHECK, there will be no Skywards services during that period.