Aave Guardian Update

Really nice to see so many incredible members of the DeFi and Ethereum community offering to help with this initiative :grinning:

I’m Ernesto, CTO at the Aave companies and specially member of the Aave community, and even if I’m not presenting myself as candidate at the moment to be part of the Guardian, I would like to offer my help and support to the final elected members for anything concerning technical aspects of the protocol and the ecosystem in general.

Feel free to reach me out when needed on Telegram (@eboado) !


Hello Folks, Dennison from Tally here.

We are recipients of an AAVE Grants Committee grant (Audits on SafeGuard are nearly finished!).

We run a service dedicated to ensuring that on-chain governance works. Our service allows users to participate in governance and understand on-chain governance communities.

We hold governance tokens from various projects, including AAVE (Thus far we have not voted with them as we don’t think we have a clear mandate to influence as a company governance decisions, although our team members are free to take their own positions).

We would be happy to suggest ourselves as keyholders. I think we would be good custodians: reliable and accessible.

We have a strong legal entity behind the Tally corporation that is based in the US and has a list of well-known investors who participate in governance.

We put out governance newsletter, written by @monetSupply (Nate Parton) who is on the AAVE Risk committee.

We are all public members of the Ethereum Community and would be happy to take on this responsibility.


Hi Folks,

Gavi Galloway here from Standard Crypto. We’ve been active participants in Aave’s governance and long-time backers of its success, and we would be thrilled at the opportunity to help out the community as a member of the Guardian.

I myself bring multiple years’ experience in securing sensitive and high-value crypto keys through my tenure at Anchorage Digital, where we built and maintained an institutional-grade custody platform for crypto assets. I can provide the same level of diligence and expertise here in safekeeping our piece of the Guardian multi-sig.

I along with our deeply technical founders would together contribute to the security and availability of our key. We are located on the US west coast.

Thanks, all!

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Hi everyone,

Arthur0x here from DeFiance Capital. DeFiance Capital is one of the largest and most active DeFi focused investment funds in the space. We are early supporters of Aave and the most active governance voters among the large token holders, and we want to continue to help out the community as a member of the Guardian.

I am located in Singapore, a very neutral jurisdiction.

Thanks, all!


Isa the Aave Guadian :angel::wave::wave::wave: