Aave Risk Dashboard Development Update

Hi Folks,

We wanted to walk you through our development plans for the Aave Risk Management Dashboard by Gauntlet as outlined in our ARC. Just to reiterate, our goals with this dashboard are twofold:

  • Help the community understand our recommendations and methodology
  • Help the community understand how our recommendations affect key risk metrics like VaR and Borrow Usage

Some additional points around the dashboard

  • It will be updated daily, and any parameter recommendations will be pushed both to our dashboard as well as kicked off in forum discussion similar to how we have done our recent liquidation bonus update. We’ll try to streamline this process over time to get parameter updates to market faster.
  • The version we have in our mocks has been validated in user studies and serves as our initial MVP. We hope to launch this quickly and then iterate on key components with the community.

We have kicked off development of the dashboard as of last week and are expecting to have it launched and live by Sept 22nd. We have 6 people on our team working on this dashboard and the various data components that power it: @jeremy, @marcinja, @eruleman , @wfu, @shaan, @inkyamze.

In particular we have the following milestones that we are targeting (some of which will be done in parallel)

We wanted to share this with y’all to give you a sense of when the dashboard will go live and answer any questions you may have.


Tracking nicely here. More details and insight coming next week.

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