Aave - September 21 Financial Report

Authors from Llama: @MatthewGraham, @Elliott and @MSilb7.

Aave - September Financial Results.pdf (3.0 MB)

Llama is excited to present our second iteration of the Aave Treasury Report. A fresh Treasury report will be published here each month providing insight into the performance of Aave, eagle eyed viewers will see this month some design changes too. Live tracking data is available via the Dune Dashboard.

The Financial statements are set out per reserve showing the income generated from the start of 2021 along with expenses.

We have also presented a token flow statement. It should be noted that this combines all reserves, but for clarity, we have split out each reserve into its own statement and provided a consolidation to show the total movement.

We are working to build out a balance sheet for next quarter. We welcome any feedback or insights you would like to see for next month.


Elliot, great work here. At a summary:

  • 2021 income on Ethereum: $15mm
  • 2021 income on Polygon: $5.1mm
  • Treasury balance: $604mm

Strong signals despite cumbersome price movement during the summer and a healthy treasury to fund operations moving forward.