Aave v2/v3 security incident 04/11/2023

I think I wasn’t clear enough.

The Aave DAO governance forum is not a chit-chat platform.

This is a thread about the security incident, in the development section of the forum, it is meant to give technical updates about this event.

There’s a governance section in this forum with a [ARFC] ARFC and TEMP CHECK Framework.

In this section there’s already a standard TEMP CHECK proposal to discuss consequences & compensation post event.

So @JohnSmith @Aave_truetocaesar @Links @EzR3aL why are you polluting the dev section with non-technical philosophical debates?

Go to the related section. follow the governance guidelines.

Don’t mix maintaining order with censorship, this forum will not tolerate chaos but every opinion, and every proposal following the guidelines are welcomed.