Aave V3 User Retention Dashboards and Analytics

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DappLooker is a no-code, multi-chain smart contract query and analytics platform for blockchain Dapps. Users can write SQL queries on smart contract data and create charts/dashboards using an easy-to-use Visual editor. Supported networks: Ethereum, Polygon, Moonbeam, Near, Celo, and more. We have received the Aave grant and built an Aave retention dashboard for the Ethereum and Polygon Network for user transactions, deposits, and AMM data.

We have been a grantee from Aave v2 - Aave V2 User Retention and Defi Analytics. We have also been awarded a grant for v3 for the following:

  1. Aave v3 User Retention Analytics (Avalanche, Polygon, Optimism)
  2. Aave v3 Defi Analytics (Avalanche, Polygon, Optimism)
  3. Aave v2 vs. v3 Defi Comparison Analysis for Avalanche Polygon

User Retention Analytics

One of the key optimizations one must go through is user retention analysis. By registering data from real-time analytics, and other specific data points, such as tracking down audiences, identifying visitor behaviors, and analyzing engagement for customer satisfaction, a company can understand what customers find most valuable about the product even before those customers themselves are aware of it.


  • Aggregated metrics like total transactions, users with more than one transaction, unique users, and more.
  • Cohort Metrics: Month-by-month cohort analysis on deposit amount and user transactions
  • Cohort analysis on the deposit amount
  • Cohort analysis on user transactions
  • Funnel Metrics: It tracks user engagement by showing the number of repeat transactions over some time


  • It helps you keep track of repeat users and understand what makes them return.

  • This gives an idea about the Dapp User’s engagement over time. Understanding the impact of user behavior on your Dapp is easier.

  • It helps study actual Improvement rather than what is apparent. Optimization of the conversion funnel takes place.

  • There is a shift towards effective Customer Engagement for your Dapp. Understanding customer churn and building strategies to optimize it are simpler

  • Aave V3 Avalanche User retention dashboard


  • Aave V3 Polygon User Retention dashboard


  • Aave V3 Optimism User Retention dashboard


Aave DeFi analytics — Avalanche vs. Optimism vs. Polygon

Aave V3 DeFi Dashboard – Avalanche | Optimism | Polygon. The Defi Analytics and General Summary will provide insight into the day-to-day activity across each network. In real-time, it will help track ongoing transactions. Data is the most powerful tool in any defi service, and the Defi Analytics Dashboard for Aave v3 will focus on the ecosystem’s most crucial elements, enabling a data-driven web3.


A couple of important metrics we cover in this dashboard are as follows:

  1. Total Value Locked
  2. 30-Day Revenue
  3. Liquidations
  4. Protocol Metrics


Aave v2 vs. v3 Defi Comparison Dashboards

Aave V2 vs. V3 Dashboard has one sole purpose: to show the new protocol’s adoption over the previous one. Here, we cover some key metrics that show how users have reacted to the launch of Aave V3 on Avalanche.

Some key metrics we cover here are

  • Daily and Cumulative Revenue
  • Borrows and Deposits in USD
  • Transactions by Pool

Aave V2 vs V3 polygon


Aave V2 vs V3 Avalanche



Analyzing data on DappLooker through these metrics is an invaluable tool for tracking how users interact with Aave v3 over time. Metrics can help you keep track of repeat users, measure user engagement, and understand the impact of user behavior on Aave v3. You can gain insight into user trends and identify improvements by tracking key metrics. One key finding was when it comes to repeat depositing users; Avalanche was highest at 68% compared to the Aave v3 polygon, which was 4%, and Optimism at 64%.

Defi Comparison between Aave v2 and v3 helps a new protocol’s adoption by allowing users to compare the features of the different protocols and determine which one is best suited for their needs. We found that lately, Aave Avalanche v3 has around 8500 more monthly unique borrowers and depositors than Aave avalanche v2. Also, Aave V2 Polygon has a total value of $3,467,090,219 compared to $96,586,939 for the Aave v3 polygon.

Defi Analytics tracks ongoing transactions by collecting and analyzing real-time data from various decentralized finance protocols. In our case, its compares Optimism, Polygon, and Avalanche. This data is used to provide insights into the health and performance of the protocols and detect potential risks. Avalanche has the highest value locked at $477,130,730, with December revenue at $27460 compared with Optimism and Polygon.

We invite the users to the community to perform analytics and help us in our mission to build a data-driven web3.

Links for our Aave indexed data.







Awesome update. Thanks for keeping the community up to date on your progress and pulling out some insights from the data. I was surprised repeat users on Polygon were 4% compared to much higher on Avalanche and Optimism. Any idea what could be driving the (seeming) very different user behaviour?

We featured DappLooker and the new dashboards in the latest edition of Aave News - hopefully it will drive some more eyeballs to your work!

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I believe Polygon having less % of repeat users can be a reason linked with the amount of first time users experimenting with Aave v3 on Polygon itself. The amount of unique users Aave v3 has on Polygon are 10x that of Optimism and Avalanche combined.

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