Add Aave to Sybil

Dear Aave Community,

Uniswap has created a tool that allows users to easily announce yourself as a delegate for your governance protocol, Sybil I figure it would be a great idea to put Aave onto their list as well so I’ve gone ahead and begun writing up the necessary code, Github . Feel free to make pull request on this repo if you feel there are any issues. Link to pull request: Uniswap-Sybil-Interface

I have noticed one thing in particular, Aave has 2 governance tokens 1 being AAVE and the other being stkAAVE, but I don’t have a unique way of providing Sybil access to both as one token. If you have any suggestions let me know.

I feel this tool greatly benefits Aave ecosystem, because at the moment we can only publicly announce who are delegates on the governance forum page, which is easy to get lost. Uniswap has created a nice interface to announce delegates, delegate votes and to view proposal all in one place.


Hello @Peng_Fei, integration with Sybil is something very interesting that deserves some effort. The Aave governance relies heavily on delegation but offers more possibilities than other delegation systems out there as you noticed, but shouldn’t be complicated to integrate anyway.

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