Adding LINK.e as Collateral on the AVALANCHE Market

LINK.e has 64 million dollars of liquidity on Trader Joe. Compare that to the 45 million dollars of WBTC.e or 39 million dollars of liquidity with DAI and it makes a lot of sense to allow LINK.e to be used as collateral.

Should we use LINK.e as collateral on the AVALANCHE market?

I tried to create a snapshot poll and vote on some other stuff but keeps throwing “Oops… Something Went Wrong.”

Not sure how to debug that.

Anyway, adding LINK.e as collateral is probably safe and will likely increase activity on the AVALANCHE market.

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To add more inputs to this proposal, I recommend that we follow the parameters for the AAVE token on the AVALANCHE Market:

  • Usage as collateral: Yes
  • LTV: 40%
  • Liquidation threshold: 65%
  • Enabled to borrow: No
  • Stable rate enabled: No
  • Liquidation bonus: 10%
  • Reserver factor: 20%

I imagine this will work out ok but it’d be great to have some discussion about this.


Hugely in favor of this! Let me grab my Link on BSC and let me move it to AAVE already, damn it!