[ARC] Launch Aave v3 on Celo

Hey @nraghuveera - thanks for the update.

Makes sense; we are grateful with your efforts and inquires with the internal teams.

Responding to #2, seeding liquidity seems of interest to our side - if you also mean guaranteeing borrow.

I will let the rest of the community chime in as it is not our sole discretion. The goal is to 1) to guarantee profitability for the technical costs incurred by the DAO via borrow 2) to show long-term alignment of Celo.

By seeding liquidity you achieve the supply side - but the revenue comes from the borrow demand.

Rewards may also work by helping subsidize interest rates for borrowing.

Tagging other community members for added detail:

@bgdlabs / @Llamaxyz for level of liquidity needed (aka revenue)

@ChaosLabs / @Pauljlei for risk considerations.

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