[ARC] Onboard rETH (rocket pool ETH) to Aave V3 ethereum market

Hi @Pauljlei,

Llama is in favour of proceeding with Option 1 and then pivoting to Option 3 once withdrawals are available for each respective Liquid Staked Token.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


thanks @ChaosLabs, @Pauljlei & @Llamaxyz on your feedback.

Snapshot votes are immutable. That being said, if the result of the current vote outcome is “YAE (with emode)” the ACI will work on an AIP reflecting @Pauljlei option (1) by decreasing the rETH supply cap.

if the outcome is “YAE without emode” the ACI will work on AIP with initial proposed supply cap and emode disabled.

If the outcome is anything else, the governance will also be heard, and rETH will need to restart a governance process after reaching more maturity.


Update: with AIP-153 execution, rETH is now onboarded on Aave V3.


Hi @MarcZeller,

What would be the governance process required to also enable rETH as collateral on Aave v3 on Optimism?
The token has a fairly deep liquidity there (as of 06-May-23, ETH price at ~$1,900):

With the wstETH supply always maxed out, it would be nice to onboard alternative ETH LSTs :slight_smile:

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Fully agreed, and it would nicely complement the proposal to onboard rETH to Arbitrum. [ARFC] Add rETH to Aave V3 Arbitrum Liquidity Pool - #3 by gohawi8287

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