Rocketpool Ether on Optimism

I copied the approved governance proposal that allowed Rocket Pool Ether to list on AAVE V3 Ethereum Market. I would love to see RETH list on Optimism and Arbitrum. How much liquidity is enough to make that happen?

I have taken the liberty of looking further into the liquidity pools on Optimism Wrapped Staked Ether and saw the Liquidity Pools Curve with the value of 17.51 Million USD and I found a pool on Beethoven X at 19.71 Million USD.

The trading volume for both pools differ little yet somehow Rocket Pool Ether has not been permitted as Liquidity on the chain. Healthy competition is necessary for growth in Liquid Staking & Layer 2’s.

If AAVE is being rewarded for hosting only Lido Wrapped Staked Ether on Layer 2, I completely understand. However, if it is not being rewarded would a proposal to ass the asset be welcomed by the community>