[ARC][POLL] Create AAVE governance badges


The forum is the hubspot for Aave decisions. At the moment, interactions feel impersonal, contributors are not always rewarded for their investment and there is no fundamental incentive to vote on proposals.


  • A first way to tackle this would be to introduce “Badges” into the governance forum.

  • Similar to a proof of attendance, badges are testimonials of different achievements into the Aave ecosystem.

  • Visually pleasant, those will gamify the participation to Aave protocol.

  • Maker successfully introduced Badges into their governance forum, months ago and Yearn offered PoA NFT to their early users.

An idea of what it could looks like


  1. An integration between Metamask and the Aave governance forum.

  2. Astonishing badges for community members, with various criterias :

  • 1 vote on Aave protocol
  • 5 votes on Aave protocol
  • Participated to all Aave votes
  • Wallet has owned Lend once
  • Delegated his proposal power
  • Delegated his voting power
  • Delegated credit
  • Had collateral ratio inferior at 1.1 once
  • Liquidated a loan
  • Published AIP
  • Published ARC
  • Others, open to discuss

Next steps :

  1. I suggest this AIP to be a community made project - financed by the Aave treasury.
  2. We will need 1 technical lead for this integration and 1 graphic designer/artist.
  • I propose the technical lead to define criterias of acceptance for this task and propose a reward in respect to the chargeload.
  • The designer could be Noah who recently joined the Aave genesis team or we could organize an open concourse.
What strategy to adopt to make Governance Badges a reality?
  • Financed by treasury - open votes by community - grants for tech and design lead
  • Financed by treasury - grants for tech ; design by Aave genesis team
  • Genesis team lead - tech and design done by the genesis team
  • No badges

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