[ARFC] Aave DAO Policy Change: Halt Listings on all Aave v1 & v2 Non Permissioned Deployments

Title: [ARFC] Aave DAO Policy Change: Halt Listings on all Aave v1 & v2 Non Permissioned Deployments
Author: @Llamaxyz, Gauntlet, Chaos Labs, 3SE Holdings & @ItsFreeRealEstate
Status: Proposed
Dated: 2022.11.26

Simple Summary

As part of the Sunsetting of v1, the v2 → v3 Migration & the Deprecation of v2 discussions being conducted by the community here and here, the authors are appealing to the Aave DAO to adopt a policy of halting listings on the following markets:

  • Aave v1 (Ethereum & Uniswap Markets)
  • Aave v2 (Ethereum, AMM, Polygon & Avalanche Markets)


With the release of Aave v3 featuring superior risk management parameters and controls, this proposal advocates only enabling future asset listings to occur on Aave v3 deployments. Upon implementation of this upgrade, via a successful Snapshot vote, assets can no longer be add/introduced to the Aave v2 deployments.

Note: The Aave ARC & Centrifuge RWA markets, which are powered by the “Permissioned” V2 codebase are not included. These liquidity pools support the latest battletested version of the “Permissioned” code base.


This proposal seeks to begin the transition from v2 to v3 deployments. The first step in this progression is to focus our efforts on growing the v3 deployments whilst continuing to actively support the v2 deployments in all other areas. Going forward all future asset listings are to be limited to only v3 deployments.

Successful passing of this ARFC will indicate the DAO has decided that the various V3 deployments are the future of the Aave DAO, and support of the various listed markets will be limited to Risk and Critical Technical Updates.


The Aave Community upon successfully voting on Snapshot to implement this upgrade, will prevent any further assets from being added to any of the following Aave Market pools, as identified by their LendingPool Addresses.

References: Aave v1 Docs, Aave v2 Docs

This represents the first progression toward deprecating the v1 & v2 deployments across all networks.


Criteria for a success Snapshot vote, the Short Executor criteria must be met:

Reference: AIPs - Governance

A Snapshot will be created on the 30th November with the vote commencing on the 1st December.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


I believe this is an important proposal, this is the right time to start pushing for Aave V3 adoption, we would be glad to support this proposal.

Hi guys - am supportive of the general sentiment of this proposal. It is best to encourage teams and users away from v1 & v2 - to markets with greater risk control.

I am a bit confused by the last section here.

It seems these criteria you linked are for an AIP, on-chain - not a Snapshot. As it currently exists in the docs, there is no formal quorum or differential mandated for Snapshot votes - just a consensus.

Are we adopting these - or are you using them as a mental benchmark?

It raises an important question: do we need clearer rules for the Snapshot stage of voting?

Anyways, regardless we are supportive of this proposal and are excited to see the DAO march its way toward more users on v3.

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Hi Everyone :wave:,

We have created a Snapshot for this proposal. Voting starts on Monday 5th December and extends to Friday 9th December.



Hi everyone – Boardroom just published a “Brief” on this proposal. We provide some background for those not steeped in Aave, and write about why we think it’s important. We hope it’s useful to the wider community.

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V1 & V2 are the past of Aave and the ACI is supportive of this proposal.

With ever-evolving DeFi V1 unoptimized gas costs & V2 lack of features such as caps or emode, these versions are less adapted in the current ecosystem state.

V3 is the future of France.


For visibility there’s currently a related onchain proposal: Aave - Open Source Liquidity Protocol

unfortunately, this proposal failed to meet the quorum due to a lack of voter participation.

As this proposal didn’t seem contentious from forum discussion and social media, I am supportive of a re-run.


Hi Everyone :wave:

We have posted a re run of this vote. Please do get along and vote.


Thank you for your participation in advance.

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