[ARFC] Reset Aave v3 Deployment Pipeline

Title: [ARFC] Reset Aave v3 Deployment Pipeline

Author: ACI - Aave Chan Initiative

Date: 2024-03-18


This ARFC proposes that the DAO reset the current Aave v3 deployment pipeline and institute new ARFC votes for chains where Aave v3 is not yet deployed.


The Aave v3 Deployment Pipeline is in need of a reset. The DAO has been overly lenient in approving new networks, and some of these approvals do not fit the current market environment.

A reset will place the DAO in a better negotiating position and allow for a more efficient focus of our limited resources. This implies that all approved but not yet deployed networks will need to go through the ARFC process once more.

It is important to note that anything still in the temporary check phase will not be affected - this only applies to projects that have passed the ARFC snapshot. This reset is a necessary step in ensuring that all future deployments align with our strategic objectives and market conditions.


All new Aave v3 deployment progress will be reset to the ARFC discussion phase. Chains that have previously passed an ARFC snapshot will be expected to resubmit a new ARFC following the chain deployment framework. Chains will be expected to justify the risk/return profile of a new deployment to the DAO and the expected return on time spent by DAO resources.

Next Steps

  1. Community Engagement: Engage with the Aave community to gather feedback on this ARFC.
  2. ARFC Snapshot: If community sentiment is favorable, initiate an ARFC snapshot to gauge official support for this proposal.
  3. ARFC Snapshot: If ARFC passes, the ARFC becomes cannon and new deployments will be expected to go through a revote.


The Aave-Chan Initiative (ACI) is not compensated in any form for creating this ARFC proposal. This ARFC has been prepared solely to facilitate community discussion.


Copyright and related rights waived under CC0.


The following 5 chains are at the ARFC Stage.

  • Celo
  • Kava EVM
  • Neon EVM
  • StarkNet
  • zkSync

The current proposal has been escalated to ARFC Snapshot.

Vote will start tomorrow, we encourage everyone to participate.


After Snapshot monitoring, the current ARFC Snapshot ended, reaching both Quorum and YAE as winning option with 512K votes.

Therefore, the ARFC becomes cannon and Aave v3 deployment pipeline will be reset. All approved but not yet deployed networks will need to go through the ARFC process once more.