[ARFC] Acquire CRV with treasury USDT

We would like to thanks everyone involved in the discussion about this proposal and we’re grateful for the high quality of the discussion.

With the ACI and as proposal creators, we feel that everyone had ample opportunity to voice their opinion against or in support of this proposal.

Furthermore, @TokenLogic recent feedback added valuable information in the context of this proposal

We feel the community is now in a suitable position to cast their opinion during an AIP vote.

Tentatively the ACI in cooperation with @bgdlabs for payload review will escalate this proposal to AIP stage on Monday.

In terms of implementation, the AIP execution will result inside the same atomic transaction to the pulling of aCRV from the counter party of this proposal and the repayment of the counterparty position via USDT.

If for some reason 0x7a16ff8270133f063aab6c9977183d9e72835428has not approved the governance V2 Short executor on aCRV contract, the proposal will fail regardless of the voting outcome assuring no risk is taken by any of this agreement parties.

The execution will be carried out on-chain, in a transparent, auditable, and decentralized manner, aligning with both the Aave and Curve ethos.

From now on, the community is invited to voice their opinion by casting a vote during the AIP stage.