[ARFC] Cancel Llama Service Provider Stream

We first wanted to address two points that were brought up: CRV proposal and payment for asset listings.


To reiterate what we noted above, the proposal was of high complexity and not something that Aave had done in the past; significant research and development went into the proposal. We’d encourage you to read our post on the timeline of the AIP development to learn more about all of the obstacles and complexities that needed to be addressed in order to ensure that the payload would function safely and as intended. Our goal is to move as efficiently as possible without compromising on security. Price movements are not in our or anyone’s control.

payments for asset listings

During our Aave contract, we never received payments from external parties for asset listings. Before our contract, we helped Lido and Stader with the engineering work required for asset listing proposals and we were paid a small amount. This was encouraged by Aave Companies and others because asset listings require protocol expertise.