[ARFC] Cancel Llama Service Provider Stream


We would like to clarify that the Aave Chan Initiative votes with exactly zero of our own AAVE tokens - they are all delegated to third-parties. Furthermore, we receive zero delegations from companies, protocols, or entities. Our independence is paramount to us, and it is this independence that allows us to call out actors like Llama and ensure the DAO is free from excess.

Our voice represents hundreds in the community. When we vote, their voice speaks. We are ushering in a new era for the Aave DAO, an era of maturity, sustainability, and professionalism. The termination of your engagement is a significant step forward in our journey toward becoming a mature DAO.

We are committed to fostering diversity and professionalism within the delegate community. To this end, we have undertaken several initiatives:

  • We allocate a significant percentage of our own lean budget to fund the Orbit program. This allows third-party delegate platforms to receive funding and contribute to the DAO.
  • We actively support and encourage an independent DAO-funded Orbit program to reduce reliance on the ACI and promote diversity. reducing miss-allocation of DAO resources toward efficiency can free-up resources to fund this kind of programs
  • We have co-authored and supported numerous proposals with third parties to help them gain more influence within the DAO and provide them with the necessary support.

Can you name another entity that invests substantial resources to support its own “competitors”? We do this because we represent many voices within this community, and our primary duty is to the DAO.