ARFC: Gauntlet Borrow and Supply Cap Updates for Ethereum and Polygon Aave V3 2023-08-08


Gauntlet recommends borrow and supply cap changes for assets on Ethereum Aave V3 and Polygon Aave V3.

Per Gauntlet’s supply and borrow cap methodology, we recommend increasing rETH supply cap to 60k ($120M) on ETH v3 and increasing SUSHI borrow cap to 180k ($131k) on Polygon v3.


The following supply and borrow caps have been exceeded, surpassing the 75% threshold.

SUSHI borrow cap is at (94%) usage on Polygon Aave V3.

rETH supply cap is at (75%) usage on ETH Aave V3


Parameter Current Value Recommended Value
SUSHI Borrow Cap (Polygon v3) 102,480 180,000
rETH Supply Cap (ETH v3) 40,000 60,000

Next Steps

  • Once we receive feedback from @ChaosLabs on the above recommendations, we will move forward with Risk Steward or AIP actions.
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Thanks @Gauntlet for putting this forward. We support the proposed updates.

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We’ve queued up the transaction to be executed via Risk Steward.

This proposal has been executed via Risk Steward.

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