[ARFC] Gauntlet recommendation for MAI / MIMATIC deprecation phase 2

Simple Summary

Gauntlet recommends reducing the LT for MAI/MIMATIC:

Chain Asset Current LT Recommended LT
optimism v3 MAI/MIMATIC .65 .01


As a continuation of our previous MAI/MIMATIC deprecation AIP following MAI’s depeg, Gauntlet recommends lowering MAI LT to 1% on Aave v3 Optimism.

As shown in our Account Explorer Dashboard, there is only one collateralized MAI position within the OP v3 market.


Asset Current LT Gauntlet Rec LT Value Liquidated ($) Accounts Liquidated
MAI 65% 1% 1738.67 1

Next steps

Welcome community feedback and aim to put up a snapshot on 2024-01-02.


As an update, the snapshot did not reach quorum as most delegates haven’t gotten redelegated after the activation of v3 governance. We will put up the snapshot again when most delegates are able to be redelegated and vote on-chain.

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Update - the second snapshot for MAI/MIMATIC deprecation phase 2 has passed. The AIP has been published here.

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