[ARFC] GHO Bounty for Integration Issue Detection

title: “[ARFC] GHO Bounty for Integration Issue Detection”
author: “AaveCo”
discussions: “Temporarily Pausing GHO Integration in Aave - #11 by AaveCompanies

Simple Summary

This ARFC proposes a bounty to a community member of 50,000 GHO for coming forward and reporting an incident.


Bounty of 50,000 GHO for notifying the Aave team of an issue which as a precaution triggered the pausing of the GHO market.

This proposal is to acknowledge and appreciate the collaboration and diligence demonstrated by the individual who initially brought attention to an issue on the frontend. Their efforts ultimately led to the discovery of the underlying problem. Their proactive involvement, although not a direct report, was instrumental in bringing this matter to our attention. Subsequently, with their assistance and the ongoing cooperation of BGD Labs and Certora, we were able to pinpoint and, effectively, resolve the root issue.

In recognition of their valuable contribution to the protocol’s security and stability, we recommend that the DAO consider awarding a bounty of 50,000 GHO to this individual. It is worth noting that while their input may not align precisely with the conventional definition of a vulnerability report, their insights were of paramount importance in instigating an internal investigation.


This ARFC executes a single transfer of 50,000 GHO to receiver address

Next Steps

If Snapshot is successful then move to AIP



Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


We are super supportive of rewarding bug bounties sufficiently and thank the individual for coming forward.

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We support this proposal.

Security is crucial and those helping to strengthen the ecosystem should be supported.

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Proposal escalated to the snapshot stage voting starts tomorrow, November 8th.

You can find it here: Snapshot

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this proposal has Full ACI support.

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