[ARFC] Increase rETH Supply Cap - 03-26

Title: [ARFC] Increase rETH Supply Cap - 03-26
Author: @marczeller - Aave Chan Initiative
Date: 2023-03-26


This ARFC proposes to increase the rETH supply cap on the Aave V3 Ethereum market from the current 10k rETH to 20k rETH. The proposal aims to accommodate the growing market demand for depositing this asset and provide additional capacity for users.


The ARFC proposes increasing the rETH supply cap from the existing 10k rETH to 20k rETH to meet the ongoing market demand for depositing the asset. This increase will enable new Aave users to join Aave V3 and allow existing users to expand their positions.


Since the rETH supply cap of 10k units is currently filled at 77.89%, there is strong demand for depositing rETH on the Aave V3 platform. By increasing the cap to 20k rETH, we can continue to accommodate this growing demand and provide additional capacity for users. The proposed cap of 20k rETH offers a balance between meeting demand and maintaining a conservative approach while doubling the current cap. rETH is a source of additional revenue for Aave and benefits the ecosystem as a whole because these onboardings have an effect on assets’ liquidity & peg resilience.


Ticker: rETH (rETH)
Contract Address: 0xae78736cd615f374d3085123a210448e74fc6393

Parameter Current Value Proposed Value
Supply Cap 10,000 20,000


The Aave-Chan Initiative is not affiliated with or paid by Rocket Pool to publish this ARFC. At the time of writing, the author does not hold a position in rETH.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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As this proposal is overlapping with [ARC] Gauntlet Recommendations for wstETH and rETH on ETH V3 - #8 by Gauntlet the ACI is dropping this ARFC and support Gauntlet-related work.

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