[ARFC] Merit - A New Aave-Alignment User Reward System

So I have asked for clarification on this matter before ([ARFC] Onboard New Risk Service Provider - #11 by midapple) and will ask again: Can someone explicitly codify what is and is not not allowed for service providers to do. LlamaRisk is actively curating a Morpho Vault but it also seems like they have won the role of being the 2nd risk provider for Aave. In the past multiple service providers and prominent DAO voices (@ACI, @TokenLogic) have expressed their outright objections to any service provider working with/for Morpho. Interestingly enough, none of these members have since taken a public stance on LlamaRisk’s activities. What is going on here?

It would also help if @LlamaRisk explicitly lays out their conflicts of interest.

I take no issue with LlamaRisk earning their keep. People and companies need to be financially sustainable The Aave DAO however should hold itself and its members to a higher standard with respect to processes and rules.

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