[ARFC] Onboard New Risk Service Provider

Does the community have any issue with LlamaRisk running a Morpho vault? I was under the impression that this was explicitly off limits and grounds for immediate termination for any of our service providers. It seems @LlamaRisk has been virtually unanimously agreed upon by our large stakeholders.

It would be helpful to the Aave community if the major stakeholders can clarify and ideally codify what is and is not off limits for service providers. @ACI @MarcZeller @EzR3aL @Emilio @eboado

And to be clear, nothing against @LlamaRisk. They seem to be a fine, capable option. I have no opinion on any of this. Whoever the risk provider ends up being, I will continue to push, ask questions and comment where I believe clarity and further discussion is warranted as I have been doing consistently.

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