[ARFC] Return OP to Aave Grants DAO Safe

Title: [ARFC] Return OP to Aave Grants DAO Safe
Authors: @corbpage
Date: 2023-25-07


Aave Grants DAO (AGD) was airdropped 300k OP from Optimism to allocate towards grants (OP proposal from May β€˜22). While claiming these tokens, they were erroneously sent to the Aave Guardians Safe, instead of the AGD Safe. This proposal is to send the OP back to AGD from the Aave Guadians Safe.

Full context below. :point_down:

What happened:

Optimism airdropped 300k to Aave Grants DAO to issue grants (OP proposal from May β€˜22, transaction). The airdrop was sent to a Safe created before the official Safe factory was deployed so the Safe UI wouldn’t work for it. Corbin, Lawrence, Fig, and David from AGD were able to recover the funds using the Safe command line interface via this transaction.

However, Corbin mistakenly sent the 300k OP to the Aave Guardians Safe instead of the new AGD Safe. He takes full responsibility. But all funds are safu.



Aave Grants DAO has now setup a new Safe on OP (see below). If Aave Guardians sign the two transactions in the queue, that’ll send the OP back to AGD and correct the error. AGD can then start allocating the funds towards grants.

You can verify that it’s controlled by AGD because it has the same signers as the Ethereum mainnet AGD Safe.

AGD Safe on OP: Safe{Wallet} – Settings – Setup


AGD Safe on ETH: Safe{Wallet} – Settings – Setup



I’m happy to answer any other questions and provide any more context. :+1: