[ARFC] Set ARB Emission Admin to Gauntlet

So the Arbitrum guys paid gauntlet for something the ACI or karpatkey/tokenlogic would have done for free as part of their service provider engagement?

Working with designated Aave DAO service providers directly is faster, more efficient and at no charge for third-party as this kind of initiatives are synergistic for the Aave protocol.

This kind of behaviour hurt the Aave DAO reputation and potential future business opportunities for the protocol.

A single service provider tried to do this kind of things in the past by charging third-parties to write AIPs.

They’re no longer an Aave DAO service provider.

The ACI charged Binance recently a total amount of zero $ for the same job on fdUSD recently.

In general, it make little sense to witness a risk service provider doing Growth or Finance service provider job.

We would like to apologize on behalf of the Aave DAO to the Arbitrum ppl involved for Gauntlet behaviour.

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