[ARFC] Treasury Management - Transfer AURA to GLC SAFE

title: [ARFC] Treasury Management - Deploy AURA to vlAURA
author: @karpatkey_TokenLogic - @MatthewGraham, @Sisyphos & @efecarranza
created: 2023-11-26


This publication proposes transferring the AURA holding from the Ethereum Treasury to the GHO Liquidity Committee (GLC) SAFE.


The Aave DAO holds 845,090.43 vlAURA on the GLC SAFE and also 443,674 AURA in the Treasury. This publication proposes transferring the AURA from the Treasury to GLC SAFE and consolidating the vlAURA holding. The GLC is to lock the AURA for vlAURA.

The Aave DAO is expected to receive 413,849.57 units of vlAURA upon locking 443,674 AURA.

The Aave DAO will benefit by earning yield, 3.10% APR in auraBAl from holding vlAURA. In addition, the GLC has delegated the vlAURA to Paladin to earn additional yield. It is our understanding this is temporary strategy until Balancer liquidity pools feature as part of the overal GHO liquidity strategy.

At the time of writing, delegating vlAURA to Paladin is generating approximately 0.0135 USD per week per vlAURA. This is roughly $11k per week and an annualise yield >65%. The yield offered by Paladin from vlAURA delegation is nominated in USDC. This is on par with yield offered by Hidden Hand.

Screenshot 2023-11-24 at 14.04.20

The GLC is tasked with managing the vlAURA holding on behalf of the Aave DAO.


This proposal encompasses the following actions:

  • Transfer all AURA to GLC SAFE Address

GLC SAFE Address: 0x205e795336610f5131Be52F09218AF19f0f3eC60


TokenLogic and karpatkey receive no compensation for the creation of this proposal. TokenLogic and karpatkey are delegates within the Aave ecosystem and are currently applying to become a Service Provider to the Aave DAO.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


Let’s gho with this proposal and let’s make a CRV proposal ASAP. The GHO repeg needs you.


@karpatkey_TokenLogic why is taking so much time to deploy a proposal for the CRV idle tokens? If we want to get back GHO to peg we need to be faster.

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@karpatkey_TokenLogic any update?

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Thanks for the question @ApuMallku.

The AIP to transfer the CRV to the GLC is live and will be active in 18hrs.

We will gladly allocate these funds as part of the TokenLogic and karpatkey Service Provider AIP.

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Is there a viable reason why all the things that should be a priority from a treasury and liquidity management perspective are super slow to activate them?


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