[ARFC] Treasury Management: Update Balancer Ecosystem Holdings

As authors of the ARFC and TEMP CHECK framework, we at the ACI are well-versed in the governance rules.

Quorum is defined by 320k YAE votes. No YAE option reached this threshold, so the quorum was not met.

Your past experiences in the Stake ecosystem and at TokenLogic underscore the importance of adhering to established guidelines. It’s evident that not following these guidelines, combined with a lack of team collaboration, has had repercussions on your professional trajectory.

While you have your perspective, it’s essential to approach these matters with a clear understanding of the rules and a collaborative spirit. The Aave community values constructive dialogue and teamwork.

We wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Closing this topic as governance coordination will continue with the imminent @Karpatkey version of Option 3 of this proposal.