August 2022 Financial Report

August 2022 Financial Report

@Llamaxyz would like to present to the community the August financial report.


With the merge approaching we thought it would be insightful to include an update on the ETH Reserve on the v2 Ethereum market. To the 7th September the ETH Reserve generated $171K in revenue for the DAO and projecting forward a normalised revenue figure, based upon the early data from September we are expecting around $540K of revenue in USD from the ETH Reserve. This is up from $84.8k in July, $265.1k in August.

Having developed the Data Warehouse to enable financial reporting spanning all Aave deployments, we are now excited to inform the community that we are working on developing a comprehensive set of metrics to track the performance of the Aave ecosystem. As this is a progressive journey, we encourage all community members to share on this thread any financial metric they would like developed. Our vision is to build out the financial metrics for the community that enables anyone to publish accurate financial content on Aave. We have introduced some very high level aggregate data metrics in this months report.


Maybe unlock all Harmony assets?